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WooCommerce Backup and Restoration Service

Our specialists provide on-demand WooCommerce edits and support with no time constraints.

WooBuffs is your go-to team for troubleshooting, repairing, or editing your WooCommerce website. You won’t need to worry about spending hours getting something on your website to work, bothering with hiring a freelancer, or any other similar concerns.

With our unlimited WooCommerce support, troubleshooting, and site editing services, you receive a monthly flat-rate plan that covers the requests made to our knowledgeable WooCommerce expert team.

Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Backup Services

Protect your data and your business with WooBuffs professional backup and restoration services. Our full-service solution provides increased reliability above what your hosting service can offer.

Level-Up Your WooCommerce Store with Reliable Experts

Doing everything yourself if a sure way to miss out on growth. Let our experts handle the technical bits while you focus on growing your business.

Benefits of WooCommerce Backup Service

Frequently Asked WooCommerce Backups Questions

Because backups contain huge amounts of crucial data, typical hosting services do not maintain multiple or frequent backup versions due to space requirements. Backing up to your main hosting server uses critical hosting resources and relies on a single vendor, even if cloud-based, to protect your most important assets.

Automated backups through our hosting service often fail and can slow down your site’s performance. With WooBuffs, we actively monitor and manage your backups to make sure they save correctly to our independent servers and that they are available for restoration at any time. 

For the majority of WooCommerce owners, credit card processing and payment data is highly regulated and stored within your payment processor’s environment rather than on your WooCommerce site. Your payment processor will be responsible for storing and protecting this data.

After choosing the care plan that is best for you, you’ll get a welcome email with information on the plan and instructions on how to send us your login information securely.

Nope. We will handle  just about any WooCommerce site, regardless of where it is hosted.
We understand that customers must adhere to realistic budgets and that various websites have different requirements.
Using a shared hosting provider, on the other hand, may hinder us from fulfilling your speed and security goals. We are pleased to give a list of our favorite hosting providers if you want a referral for a new hosting service.