Curious How WooBuffs Works? Watch Below.

Video Transcript

Hi there. Thanks for checking out WooBuffs. If you’re curious about how exactly our service works, then you’re in the right place. Here’s how Woo Buffs provides top quality support and maintenance to WooCommerce Store owners. First, you’ll need to pick a plan.

We have three options with varying degrees of services. In each plan, we built each each to fit a range of budgets while still delivering high value services. Once you’ve selected a plan and completed the sign up process, you’ll get a couple of emails from our team to welcome you to WooBuffs. Most importantly, you’ll get an email that will show you exactly how to give our team secure access to your WooCommerce site. In addition, we’ll also send you some final paperwork just so that we can be absolutely sure that we have your permission to work on your website.

Once you’ve given our team access to your WooCommerce site, we’ll start work right away. Our experts will add your site to our Secure Management Dashboard login to complete an initial site assessment and note any major items that need to be prioritized in our repair or security process. We’ll also schedule your site for its first backup and implement the regular backup schedule based on your plans features. After completing the initial evaluation, we’ll send you an overview of what we learned. We’ll outline important action items that we have noted from the initial analysis, and we’ll also gather details from you about legacy plugins or themes that should be excluded from updates.

We’ll also give you our recommendation for security protocols specific to your site. Once we understand the specific needs of your site, we’ll ask for your approval so that we can start implementing changes for those plans. With the Woo optimization feature, we’ll start working to streamline your WooCommerce store, improve page load speed and where possible, speed up server response times. We only start working on this step after we’ve completed major updates, implemented the security protocols, and tested the site on a staging server. We have to be sure that all changes are compatible with your store only once we’re sure it’s safe to move forward with the optimization, we’ll repeat the process of testing our changes on a closed testing site before making any changes to your live website.

If that all sounds like a ton of work, don’t worry. We’re totally comfortable with the workload. And hey, that’s why businesses rely on us in the first place. Here’s the great news you always have three convenient ways to contact us for any support or Woo edits that you need. You’ll get an email with all our contact information.

You can reach our support experts by email, chat or by creating a ticket through your portal. At WooBuffs.Help, we’ll respond to your message promptly to provide the outstanding service that your business deserves. It’s really as simple as that. So now that you know how we work, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to start protecting your WooCommerce site.

Join WooBuffs today and get the support and maintenance that your WooCommerce store needs.

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